Building a House Extension – a saga.



In June 2014 Team Jeff decided to build a new extension on their house, the following blog talks about the whole sorry saga, our crooked builders, what we did wrong, what we did right and the great people we met who helped us finish the project.

We started with this old 1 metre extension on the back of our house. No plans existed for it with the house when we bought it, neighbours suggested it went back 15 odd years.

Our plan was to build out as far as we could within reason, have an architecturally pleasing design with lots of height. The existing patio area was not used, got little or no sun throughout the year, so the idea was to use all the space for the inside without actually removing our garden area.

The attached picture shows the existing patio area cleared for the build in the first week of May 2016.

We decided to hire an architect to design us our extension, and so it began.

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