My Son

Our last stop on our bike tour took in China beach and the My Son ruins. China beach is another long lovely stretch of sand which just keeps on going. It’s remarkably undeveloped still, but is slowly being built up. Danang itself doesn’t have much going for it, but this beach on the east side is pretty good. There were red no swimming flags on it for most of it, and it wasn’t warm either.

Both of us were pretty sore from the previous days riding but we wanted to see the My son ruins so we rode for about 50k out into the country. They are sort of trailed as the Vietnamese version of Angkor, but unlike Angkor they are largely ruins. However the site still worth a visit, and because we were not going at coach tour times was very quiet. We expected Laura Croft to jump out at any time, but KT stepped in and reenacted some moves.

After a good walk around we rode on back to Hoi An and dropped the bike off. We had racked up around 550k in 4 days. Great fun, and both us and the bike returned in one piece.

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