A room with a view

Nha Trang had not been given much of a billing to us, people we have met have said the sea was dirty, the sex industry was rife and there was one good place to spend the day. So those thoughts, combined with it being Valentines day and our recent luck of places to stay, convinced us to relatively splash out. So we booked a room at the Sheraton,which was doing a 3 nights for 2 deal. When we arrived we got upgraded to a sea front executive suite which was stunning, combined with free drinks and food in the club lounge made it an excellent relaxing 3 nights.
The first benefit was that you can see the whole coastline from the hotel and it is a lovely long sandy beach, with gardens and palm trees, with the road behind it. Similarities with Miami or Venice beaches sprung to mind. However the sea looks murky, maybe dirty, and we did not swim in it and many people chose not to from what we could see.
There is a great selection of bars, resturants and travel shops further down which helped us both with food and our onwards bus and train tickets.
As for the sex industry, we didn’t see much to be fair. There certainly seemed to be a number of candidate couples to paraphrase Mrs Merton, ‘what did you see in the overweight rich eastern european’. Although there were a number of clubs and bars which might have fitted the bill, but we didn’t visit them.

There are a lot of Russians in Nha Trang, and a number of shops catered directly to them. Our hotel had a conference, which I think was Russian or Baltic car dealers, and pretty much all of them seemed to follow the dress code out of the film Fargo, including some quality 70’s footware.

We rented a motorbike, which was not the most manly bike I have ridden, and went further up the coast, and the quality beaches and views continued. They seem to have a master plan for development but they are playing the long game. The gardens, beaches and layout are all in place, just no hotels as yet.

Overall we liked the place, although it was probably biased somewhat from the hotel.

2 responses to “A room with a view

  1. “people we met said ..sea was dirty, sex industry was rife ….was one good place to spend the day” were they talking about Southend?! Curious to know more about Katie pedaling the rickshaw

    • Hiya charlie, southend was exactly what we thought, complete with some TOTS clubs! Not sure i would have made much money on the rickshaw as was pretty hard going. We think you would love it here and there is so much i want to buy you; coffee, bowls and snake wine. When are you back in the uk its pretty soon right?

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