The long and winding road

We took a bus from Dalat to Nha Trang, a short ride of 4 and a bit hours over some of the most stunning scenery we have seen so far. The bus, a very bashed up sleeper bus, wound its way up very slowly through the clouds and back down to the coast. We have found that we are going the opposite way to most travellers so the transport can be a little hit and miss, but the advantage is it can be quieter. Our bus was about half full, and because it was old it did have sliding windows which was good because from my ‘bed’ we could take pictures. Not possible really from the newer sealed buses.

On the west side of the hills, there were vast tracks of deforested land that had largely been turned into arable land. It was not a great sight to see, and the clear upshot of this process is the land slips. Once over the cloudy top which seemed to take ages to reach, the land then turned into full jungle which went for as far as you can see. As the land flattened out it became paddy fields with stunning mountain backdrops.

Of course its a Vietnam main road which meant that for large portions of it the road did not exist, was broken, was being built or just was plain scary. Our bus driver managed to truly multi-task by smoking, being on the phone and pretending to drive at the same time. Just what you need with a 500ft ravine a few feet away.

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