Room number 21

Our 4 night stay at Nhat Lan on Phu Quoc is finished and we move back to Saigon, next stop Dalat.
Our experience of the island has been pretty good. It’s still an underdeveloped tourist location and none of the big chains are here which is good, until they sort out the roads that’s likely to stay the same. The beaches are good sometimes picture postcard like, some have way to much rubbish on them and as far as we can tell that it is coming from the locals, not tourists. Most of the place is National park which is definitely helping keep the development down. We rode pretty much all round the island and there are pockets of real poverty, especially where there is little or no development, but it has great scenery and is still pretty cheap.

definitely worth a visit to see it. When the roads and airport get developed it will take off and never be the same.

We wrote that our hotel was good value a few blogs ago. After 4 nights it is difficult to say that now in comparison to other places, as we didn’t move. However we would not stay in hut number 21 again for sure, and probably not in the hotel either. This is a tropical island so wildlife is expected, especially rats. There are lots of them everywhere, thats ok, it’s expected. It could be less if the island cleared up its rubbish, or even if the hotels cleared up the rubbish immediately outside their spot.
So.. Hut 21 had rats running over the roof and up the outside walls, so not ideal and they make a racket at night. The cute house puppy dogs running around the beach managed to catch a rat in the beach kitchen. The for all pretenses outside bathroom was a wet room with a hand held shower, the waste was blocked so we had a small swimming pool when you used it. The room had one light, a nice flourescent, and one fan which didnt stand up straight. They never changed the sheets, or towels, or cleaned the bathroom. The reception had one person that could speak any other language. There was wasn’t enough cushions for the few beach chairs that existed, and no bins to put rubbish in, or enough people cleaning up afterwards.
But, the hotel does have probably the best bit of beach, the sea is clean, calm and warm, fish jump out of the water which is a great sight. It has an eclectic and generally very friendly group of people staying from everywhere in the world and not all the huts were like ours, some are right on the beach. It also has rooms in the main block which some adventurous families stayed in.

We rented our scooter from outside the hotel just up on the left past the veranda entrance. They actually gave us a card and said we could call them in event of breakdown which surprisingly is not normal. They were recommended to us, they only do motorbikes. We had to show no id, deposit or passport to get a motorbike. This seems to normal here and 5 dollars a day is standard. Riding here outside of the tarmac’d roads is a little hairy, we saw more than a few tourists with bandages or worse.

We had food one night at Modo which was very good if pricier than the usual, it does great tapas and had decent wine. The chocolate cake there might be the best in the world, a big statement to make but we have never had better. It’s on the main road run by a Swedish couple.

For amusement we went to Amigos and played pool, Yul Brynner was actually playing keyboards/guitar and singing with a couple of matching front singers. It was so bad it was great.

After a night in Saigon we have moved onto Dalat.

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